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1985 - 2024

1st Conference of the Association of German Hepatologists (GASL/Mainz) 

Founding meeting with definition of the most important cornerstones of the GASL

2nd meeting of the GASL Board of Directors with initial proposals for rules of procedure

Statutes of the German Working Group for the Study of the Liver including appendix (guidelines for the organization of the annual meeting, founding meeting in the Langenbeck-Virchow House in Berlin with the participation of
W.E. Fleig. Erlangen, Secretary/Treasurer.
G. Paumgartner, Munich, President 1994/ 1995,
M. Bachem, Marburg, A. Gerbes, Munich,
G. Ramadori, Göttingen, D. Keppler, Heidelberg, President 1993/1994, P. Neuhaus, Berlin,
B. Christ, Göttingen, G. Gerken, Mainz,
G. Steinhoff, Hannover).
The statutes were established on January 29, 1993. Date of entry in the Erlangen Register of Associations under the number VR1107, as Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft zum Studium der Leber (GASL) e. V. October 1, 1993.

Recognition of the non-profit status

Irregular awarding of the GASL Prize for current outstanding scientific achievements

1st GASL Summer-lab-course in Halle and Bonn

2nd GASL Summer-lab-course in Aachen

3rd GASL Summer-lab-course, Cellular and molecular pathobiology of liver fibrosis, Aachen

The GASL becomes a founding member of the German Liver Foundation

Award of the GASL Prize, sponsored by the Yael Foundation, Hamburg

GASL-Young Investigator Award (YIA) has been presented firstly at the conference 2023 to honor outstanding work and congress contributions by young scientists and will be awarded anually.

2023/2024 Prof. Dr. med. Ulf Peter Neumann

2022/2023 Prof. Dr. A. Canbay, Bochum

2021/2022 Prof. Dr. S. Dooley, Mannheim

2020/2021 Prof. Dr. A. Pascher, Münster

2019/2020 Prof. Dr. P. R. Galle, Mainz

2018/2019 Prof. Dr. R. Bartenschlager, Heidelberg

2017/2018 Prof. Dr. A. W. Lohse, Hamburg

2016/2017 Prof. Dr. G. Gerken, Essen

2015/2016 Prof. Dr. D. Häussinger, Düsseldorf

2014/2015 Prof. Dr. U. Protzer, München

2013/2014 Prof. Dr. A. Königsrainer, Tübingen

2012/2013 Prof. Dr. M. Manns, Hannover

2011/2012 Prof. Dr. G. Tiegs, Hamburg

2010/2011 Prof. Dr. H. J. Schlitt, Regensburg

2009/2010 Prof. Dr. T. Sauerbruch, Bonn

2008/2009 Prof. Dr. P. Schirmacher, Heidelberg

2007/2008 Prof. Dr. W.-O. Bechstein, Frankfurt

2006/2007 Prof. Dr. G. Ramadori, Göttingen

2005/2006 Prof. Dr. R. Gebhardt, Leipzig

2004/2005 Prof. Dr. D. Henne-Bruns, Ulm

2003/2004 Prof. Dr. H. E. Blum, Freiburg

2002/2003 Prof. Dr. W. Reutter, Berlin

2001/2002 Prof. Dr. J. Hauss, Leipzig

2000/2001 Prof. Dr. S. Matern, Aachen

1999/2000 Prof. Dr. H. P. Dienes, Köln

1998/1999 Prof. Dr. B. Kremer, Kiel

1997/1998 Prof. Dr. W. E. Fleig, Halle/Saale

1996/1997 Prof. Dr. A. Wendel, Konstanz

1995/1996 Prof. Dr. C. Broelsch, Hamburg

1994/1995 Prof. Dr. G. Paumgartner, München

1993/1994 Prof. Dr. D. Keppler, Heidelberg

1992/1993 Prof. Dr. P. Neuhaus, Berlin

1991/1992 Prof. Dr. A. M. Gressner, Marburg

1990/1991 Prof. Dr. W. Gerok, Freiburg

1989/1990 Prof. Dr. U. Pfeifer, Bonn

1988/1989 Prof. Dr. G. Strohmeyer, Düsseldorf

1987/1988 Prof. Dr. I. Roots, Berlin

1986/1987 Prof. Dr. R. Pichlmayr, Hannover

1985/1986 Prof. Dr. K. Jungermann, Göttingen

1985 Prof. Dr. K.-H. Meyer zum Büschenfelde, Mainz

2023-2025 Dr. med. Monika Rau

2021-2023 Dr. med. C. Weiler-Normann

2018-2021 Prof. Dr. Th. Longerich

2016-2018 Prof. Dr. V. Keitel

2013-2015 Prof. Dr. J. Nattermann

2010-2012 Prof. Dr. R. Thimme

2007-2009 Prof. Dr. E. Roeb

2004-2006 Prof. Dr. A.W. Lohse

2001-2003 Prof. Dr. G. Tiegs

1998-2000 Prof. Dr. G. Gerken

1995-1997 Prof. Dr. A. Holstege

1992-1994 Prof. Dr. W.E. Fleig

1989-1991 Prof. Dr. M. Manns

1985-1988 Prof. Dr. E.G. Hahn